Update post-Seoul

Many members of the Social Workers Without Borders network attended the international social work conference in Seoul in June 2016. The opportunity to listen to papers and dialogue with people from around the world emphasised to us the importance of our burgeoning global network.

The SWWB launch and meet-up was extremely well attended by participants from many countries. We welcome those who signed up to the network. Vibrant discussion took place about both issues of concern and future directions.

From the meeting we identified two main issues to pursue: Environment/sustainability and asylum seekers/refugees. Although other issues put to us are most worthy, we have decided we will focus on these two until we meet again in Dublin in 2018. 

What should happen next? The following suggestions were made:

* Share curriculum resources on sustainability

* Develop common fieldwork practice across countries with credits

* Develop a discussion forum on the SWWB website

* Use the website for petitions

• Record seminars, teaching resources and lectures for the website

* Make use of social media: Facebook and Twitter

We have a lively team of network members who are helping to further develop SWWB. If you have skills and ideas in any of the above areas or more, please let us know by emailing info@socialworkerswithoutborders.net 

Please also let us know if you have any projects that you would like promoted or papers you have written, and we will paste them on the website

And encourage others to join up to the network!

In solidarity

Linda (Australia) and Yasmin (Canada)